dPI comparative study event -Overcoming Challenges During Difficult Times in Conflict Resolution: The Northern Ireland Experience (1)

On 21st October, DPI hosted an online comparative study event designed to introduce participants to key concepts and practices of conflict resolution processes through exposure to the Northern Ireland peace process. In particular, this online activity allowed participants to listen to first-hand accounts of how major challenges were overcome during the Northern Irish peace process and how, despite difficult periods which threatened to derail the process, an inclusive approach was championed which ensured the peace process was brought back on track, ultimately resulting in the peace agreement known as the Good Friday Agreement.

We were delighted to be joined by a variety of speakers who shared their unique insights and experiences over the course of the online event. In particular, in sitting alongside one another, albeit virtually to share their experiences with participants, they very clearly represented some of the major divisions that have been overcome in the country.

The event was part of the project ‘Supporting inclusive dialogue at a challenging time in Turkey’, supported by the EU and the Irish and Norwegian governments.