Comparative Study Visit: Youth Engagement In Conflict Resolution Processes

This report provides an account of discussions that took place during DPI’s Comparative Study Visit to Edinburgh on 9-13 December on the topic of ‘Youth Engagement in Conflict Resolution Processes’.

The planned event brought together a group of mostly young people with diverse professional and political backgrounds from across Turkey. This included youth representatives of political parties, civil society workers, social workers, university students, academics and conflict resolution workers, who came together to develop understanding of and promote dialogue about conflict resolution and peace building processes.

This CSV rounded of a series of CSV’s which have explored the systems of devolution in operation across the UK by visiting Edinburgh in Scotland. Participants continued their engagement with important conflict resolution principles, including how young people themselves can meaningfully contribute to resolution processes, and also explored the unique power-sharing arrangement in place between Scotland and Westminster

This CSV forms part of a larger series of activities planned in the context of the project: “Supporting inclusive dialogue at a challenging time in Turkey” supported by the EU and the Irish, Dutch and Norwegian governments.