Assessment report by Ali Bayramoğlu: Turkey’s new political paradigm and the Kurdish question

This analysis of the new political paradigm in Turkey was
prepared for the Democratic Progress Institute (DPI) by prominent
writer, columnist, and Member of Turkey’s wise persons’
commission, Ali Bayramoğlu. It presents the author’s assessment of
the shifting political sands and analysis of the current political

New Assessment by Ali Bayramoğlu: The Latest Situation on the Kurdish Front, Autumn 2015 – 2016

This is an assessment report of recent events in Turkey by Ali Bayramoğlu. It contributes to DPI’s ongoing evaluation of on-the-ground situation in Turkey and is one of a number of assessments on the topic of the Kurdish Question, undertaken by experts both in the region and internationally.   Download Here [PDF] Türkçesini İndir [PDF]