Assessment Report: The Business Of Peace: New Political Parties, the Resolution Process and Potential Developments in 2020 in Turkey

This report was prepared by Dr Daniel Aguirre and Dr Edel Hughes. The authors are senior lecturers at the University of Roehampton London and Middlesex University London respectively. The report provides analysis of the role and potential for involvement of the private sector in conflict transformation and examines in detail the examples of Colombia and Myanmar and considers whether lessons from these context are applicable to Turkey. The authors conclude that given the specificities of each situation of conflict, it is difficult to apply ‘models’ for businesses to follow as what works in one country may not work in another. Although research in this area is at a relatively early stage, some of the examples discussed, particularly in the case of Colombia, show that business, through the provision of training, jobs, and diversion from engagement in violence, can play a vital role.

DPI wishes to thank the authors for this engaging report, which details two very interesting case studies and assesses whether they could have relevance for Turkey. The views and opinions expressed in the report remain those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position of DPI.