Assessment report: The Role of the Opposition in a Politics of Peace.

The following report is written by Ali Bayramoğlu, a journalist, writer and political commentator from Turkey.

Mr Bayramoğlu offers a thorough analysis of the dynamics of the opposition bloc in regards to the Kurdish problem and peace process. The political arena has experienced widespread changes in the previous years and the opposition block is experiencing a systematic expansion. The author acknowledges the imminent possibility of the opposition of today to become the ruling party of tomorrow, rendering their stance on a resolution imperative, with the potential for change to manufacture a new approach towards the Kurdish issue. Political actors of oppositional parties, he argues, are key in establishing social legitimacy, which is necessary for defining and resolving the issue. Outlined in the report are both the internal and external dynamics of the opposition parties, noting that alliances and interactions are now key for political relationships. The author also recognizes potential obstacles to the resolution process, including conflicting internal politics and potentially problematic unsought associations with interlocutors on the Kurdish issue. He concludes that each progressive step taken by the political parties will bring Turkey closer to a resolution.

DPI wishes to thank the author for this engaging report. The views and opinions expressed in the report remain those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of DPI.