Turkey: Comparative Studies Visit to the Rep. of Ireland – Conflict Resolution

A report on DPI’s comparative study visit to the Republic of Ireland 27th Novebmer-1st December 2011.

The aim of the visit to Dublin was to bring together the participants from the previous Comparative Studies visit (to the United Kingdom), to follow up their study of the Ireland – Northern Ireland conflict and peace process. The visit brought together representatives from each major political party (including members from the opposition and government parties) and key policy makers/influencers, journalists and academics from Turkey, with a cross section of Ireland/UK-based professionals and experts in specific subjects relevant to peace, conflict and democracy building. Topics examined in the study are relevant to the situation in Turkey and include the roles of government, media and civil society in the peace process; vocabulary of peace; and rights and identity as part of the peace process. Issues addressed during the visit to Dublin are detailed in this report.

The visit created an atmosphere where the participants were able to draw on
comparative situations, and analyse and compare various conflict resolution
mechanisms used to achieve positive results in the Irish context. Participants were given a unique opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of conflict
transformation and peace building tools. Furthermore, the roundtables and structured discourse provided an opportunity for all participants to share knowledge, ideas, concerns and challenges.

DPI fosters an environment for participants to engage in an open dialogue in order to broaden bases for peace and democratic advancement.