Roundtable Meeting – The Role of Women in Conflict Resolution: Reflections on the Turkish Experience III

This roundtable formed part of DPI’s conflict resolution series which has focused on women’s role in sustaining dialogue and maintaining efforts to build lasting peace, even in the most challenging times. This roundtable constituted the third meeting of the series in which we have explored Turkey’s solution process with a group of women who represent different political and social sections of Turkey’s society. Promoting women’s participation at all levels of decision-making institutions is one of the core aims of this series.

The following report explores how lessons learnt from past experiences in Turkey can contribute positively to peaceful dialogue even in difficult times and the discussion was supported by input from international experts on women, peace and security from Northern Ireland who shared their own relevant experiences.

This roundtable provided a platform for the diverse group of women to review and discuss their personal and collective roles and responsibilities as women during conflict resolution processes. Participants also discussed how they would share their learning with wider constituencies and their own institutions.

 This   forms part of a larger series of activities planned in the context of the project: “Supporting inclusive dialogue at a challenging time in Turkey” supported by the EU and Norwegian governments, without whose support this roundtable would not have been possible.