Building the Pathway to Peace ( 10 Years of Democratic Progress Institute in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies).

Over the course of a decade, DPI has been a key actor and played an important and impactful role in fostering prospects for the resolution of the Kurdish issue. Our organisation has  built trust among major stakeholders from political actors and civil society, and will actively continue to broaden the bases for public involvement in promoting peace and democracy.

In this 10th anniversary book, you will see how DPI’s board, advisers, staff, and friends supported stakeholders in Turkey to promote peace, human rights, rule of law, and discuss the possible democratic solution to the conflict. The Democratic Progress Institute (DPI) is an independent organisation working in the field of conflict resolution with the guiding principle that all problems in the world are solvable through non-violent means. This is not merely a belief but an approach, tried-and trusted all over the world, with the expansion and liberation of the political field making it possible for societies to resolve their problems through dialogue rather than conflict.

DPI was founded ten years ago by a team of international experts, including former government officials, diplomats, journalists and academics; allowing DPI access to incomparable levels of knowledge and expertise. DPI’s work embodies consistency, continuity, and inclusivity, built upon a tripartite model, comprising of comparative study visits (CSVs), roundtable meetings (RT’s) and research. Finally, our research aims to shed light on the ongoing political process and highlight areas of interest to those in power.