DPI annual Report 2020

DPI’s Annual Report 2020 showcases DPI’s achievements throughout 2020. DPI was able to publish 9 Assessment and research reports and host 6 assessment meetings as well as one virtual comparative study visit.

In 2020, DPI continued to push for inclusivity in the peacebuilding sphere and focused on Gender, Peace and Security as well as promoting the Access to Justice for all by including civilian groups and Youth groups in their conflict mediation activities.

Throughout 2020, DPI faced the challenge of encouraging the resuming peace processes in the region and establishing continuous dialogue about human rights, conflict resolution and democratization throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and the consequences the pandemic had on the global and Turkish Economy and this Annual 2020 report is a testimony of DPI’s impact as a bridge between policymakers, peacebuilders, business actors, journalists, academics, researchers and civilians.”