Roundtable Meeting: ‘Getting a Process back on Track – A Continued Conversation on International Experiences’

The Democratic Progress Institute (DPI), in partnership with Istanbul Bilgi University’s Centre for Conflict Resolution Studies and Research held a roundtable meeting this weekend in Istanbul, continuing conversation on the subject of ‘getting a process back on track’ in times of crisis. Invitees in this event included senior representatives of all of Turkey’s main political parties; members of Turkey’s Wise Persons Committee including Kadir Inanir, Yilmaz Ensaroglu, Kezban Hatemi and others; some of Turkey’s most renowned journalists and media personalities; representatives from civil society including from women’s organisations, human rights associations and others; senior academics; and key individuals from the art and literature worlds. Key note speakers included Chief government negotiator and key actor during South Africa’s democratic transition process, Roelf Meyer, and Former Prime Minister of Ireland, Bertie Ahern, who played a prominent role in bringing about the Good Friday Agreement. DPI Council of Experts members Ali Bayramoğlu and Sevtap Yokuş also spoke, and the event was Chaired by fomer Rector of Istanbul Bilgi University Remzi Sanver. Discussion focused on the ways in which obstacles and challenges were overcome during both the South African and Irish processes.