DPI Online Roundtables with Political Parties in Turkey

DPI will be holding a series of online meetings with political parties in Turkey, including AK Party, CHP, DEVA Party, Future Party and HDP, to discuss the current situation in light of the pandemic. DPI recognises the importance in finding innovative ways to use technology and understand the challenges and openings that COVID-19 offers in conflict resolution and peace building. Through online roundtable meetings, DPI aims in ensuring that channels of communication remain open and dialogue is kept alive during this time of uncertainty. As part of the project ‘Supporting inclusive dialogue at a challenging time in Turkey’, these online roundtables will provide important insight to DPI for how to broaden further bases for dialogue. Given the recent political and global developments, these online meetings will allow for a deeper understanding of the situation in Turkey and assess the impacts of COVID-19 on the country. Overall, the online meetings will expose DPI’s experts and stakeholders to key political figures in Turkey and will feed into concrete recommendations for action in the field of conflict resolution.