DPI Online Roundtable Meeting, ‘Peace and Technology Series: Exploring the Opportunities and Growing Impact of Emerging Technologies on Peace and Conflict Resolution Processes’, 15 May 2020

This online Roundtable took place on the 15th May and constituted the second in a new series of DPI activities focused on the role of new technologies in peace processes. The meeting took place with DPI’s core media group and provided them with an opportunity to explore how technology is impacting the media landscape in a way that will provide both challenges and opportunities to conflict resolution processes. The participants comprised a group of diverse figures from across Turkey’s media, including senior journalists, columnists and broadcasters representing both mainstream and alternative media outlets, as well as from across the political and social spectrum. We were delighted to welcome back Dr Emre Korkmaz from the University of Oxford who once again joined us to lead the discussions. Participants examined different emerging technologies that impact the conflict resolution space, from blockchain technology through to Artificial Intelligence. Particular focus was given to technology that directly affects the media landscape, such as social media networks, the spread of misinformation and ‘deep fake’. The group considered how the role of the journalist in conflict resolution might be changing amidst this shifting landscape and also how the social, legal and political challenges that these technologies present to peace and democratisation processes could be overcome. This Roundtable provided a valuable platform for this group of diverse, committed and influential media figures to continue to engage in an open and frank discussion about major conflict resolution themes, even in challenging times. We were also delighted to be joined, virtually, by some of our donors and international experts from DPI’s Council of Experts. The RT forms part of a larger series of activities planned in the context of the project: “Supporting inclusive dialogue at a challenging time in Turkey”, supported by the EU and the Norwegian government.