DPI Online Brainstorming Roundtable Meeting, 16 February 2021

On 16 February 2021, DPI held an online brainstorming roundtable meeting to evaluate and discuss DPI’s potential steps forward, relevant methods and topics available in the context of conflict resolution and the Kurdish issue. The meeting was virtually attended by DPI’s Council of Experts which includes leading actors from Turkey’s political and policy-making circles, academia, civil society organisations, businesses and journalism, as well as leading international experts with experience in conflict resolution engagement across the globe. The meeting discussed the current political situation in Turkey, the implications for our 2021 plans and priorities, in particular the opportunities and obstacles for conflict resolution.

Vahap Çoşkun, Member of the Wise Persons Committee and Professor of Law at Dicle University, gave a brief presentation on the current political situation in Turkey, which touched upon the constitution, the electoral agenda, and the Kurdish issue. During the meeting, participants also discussed the issue of democratisation, the role of the opposition in conflict resolution, as well as the impact of regional and international developments to the Kurdish issue. Overall, the meeting provided a useful discussion where the priorities of the DPI’s 2021 program were addressed by Turkey based and international experts. The online event forms part of a larger series of activities planned in the context of the project: “Forging Pathways to Peace and Democracy in Turkey”, supported by the Norwegian and Irish government.