DPI International Conflict Resolution Exchange, Role of Business in Peacebuilding, London, 23-25 November 2023

From November 23rd to the 25th 2023 DPI hosted an International Conflict Resolution Exchange (ICRE) in London titled “Role of Business in Peacebuilding” in cooperation with the Diyarbakir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DTSO). This event brought together representatives from major political parties in Turkey as well as the business community to discuss and explore the ways in which business can affect conflict resolution and play a role in peace. The event included discussion sessions with the participants, and presentations from Derek Mooney and Glyn Roberts who discussed the role business has played in conflict resolution, and the ways that both conflict and peace have affected business in Northern Ireland. Mooney, a former advisor to the Irish government and a communication consultant, spoke about the history of the conflict in Northern Ireland, the way which the Troubles affected business in Ireland, and how business was able to promote and contribute to the peace process which led to the Good Friday Agreement. Roberts, the Chief Executive of Retail Northern Ireland, a business organisation that represents independent retailers in Northern Ireland, spoke about the dividends that peace has had on the Northern Irish economy, the revitalisation of the Northern Irish economy, and how Northern Ireland has been able to leverage peace for prosperity. Participants were able to discuss a variety of topics including how business and enterprise can strengthen peace efforts and processes when they occur, how business can maintain and contribute to dialogue between conflicting groups, especially during periods of heightened tension or conflict, the potential benefits of peace and the growth of investment in Turkey that would occur with conflict resolution and political normalisation, and a wide variety of other topics related to the economy, conflict resolution, and peace. Participants expressed their gratitude and appreciation to DPI for creating an environment conducive for honest and constructive dialogue. DPI will continue its work on the economic dividends for peace in Turkey with future events.