“Women Mediators Catching the Wave of Peace.” Gazete Duvar Article by Menekşe Tokyay

Menekşe Tokyay’s article discusses DPI’s recent event titled “Women in Peacebuilding,” which took place on Swiss Residence in Ankara, Turkey, bringing together a diverse audience, predominantly women, from various political and sociological backgrounds. Tokyay mentions how, Esra Elmas, DPI’s Senior Regional Strategy Analyst, stressed that no country can make positive progress in peacebuilding if it marginalizes or ignores the thoughts, feelings, and proposals of half its population – women. Research shows that peace processes involving women are more successful and lasting, with women achieving better results in problem-solving in many countries.

Tokyay’s article provides examples of women’s successful peacebuilding efforts, such as the Women’s Coalition in Northern Ireland, women in Yemen resolving water resource conflicts, and the women’s peace movement in Liberia. International organizations like the United Nations and NATO recognize the importance of women’s inclusion in conflict resolution and democratization processes, with over 100 countries having developed national action plans to promote women’s active participation in these areas. However, Turkey has yet to take concrete steps in this direction, despite the increasing number of women ambassadors. Tokyay concludes by emphasizing the need for Turkey to develop a national action plan that includes women in conflict resolution and democratization efforts at local and national levels, following the example of other countries and international organizations to achieve sustainable peace.

Link to the article: https://www.gazeteduvar.com.tr/baris-dalgasini-yakalayan-kadin-arabulucular-makale-1678030