A Practical Analysis of Governance Models

Democracy plays a crucial role in post-conflict societies and most societies emerging from conflict adopt some form of democratic government. This paper demonstrates that even though differences in societies and patterns of conflict pose complex challenges for the post-conflict reconstruction,democratic governance can lead to long-term reconciliation of parties in conflict by transferring the fight to the halls of politics.

Political Representation: A Method of Conflict Resolution and a Process of Democratic Progress

This paper considers three case studies and the different political structures that Bolivia, South Africa and Sri Lanka have in place, in order to provide examples of both positive and less effective methods of ensuring political representation. In doing so, this paper aims to demonstrate the way in which greater political representation can lead to a successful resolution of conflict and/or help to assist democratic progress more generally.

Turkey’s Current ‘Process’: Views from the Diaspora – November 2013

As part of DPI’s larger project outlining perceptions of the current  ‘process’ in Turkey, it has sought to engage with groups representing the views of the Kurdish and Turkish diaspora in Europe. This report aims to present the perspectives of these diaspora communities in relation to recent developments in Turkey, focusing in particular on key issues of … Read moreTurkey’s Current ‘Process’: Views from the Diaspora – November 2013