The Gendered Effect of Conflict

The Gendered Effect of Conflict

The growing body of international law and legal commentary offering a gendered perspective on conflict includes international conventions, United Nations Security Council Resolutions, commentary by international legal bodies as well as international conferences on the issue. All have contributed to an established recognition of the disproportionate effect of conflict on women and of the importance of women’s participation for the promotion of peace.

The purpose of this paper, which aims to act as a draft working paper, is to explore the extent of women’s participation in public life, decision making, and peacemaking processes and the barriers that impede such participation, as well as the possible solutions to the underrepresentation of women, both in general and in the context of Turkey. It considers in detail the particular gendered effects conflict has on women, and emphasises the importance of women’s inclusion at every level, in order for democratic advancement to occur and for peace to be secured, in Turkey and elsewhere.

Language: Turkish and English (bilingual text)

85 pages

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