Roundtable in Istanbul, Turkey, 19 September 2012




DPI today held a Roundtable meeting at the Çırağan Palace Hotel, in Istanbul, Turkey. Among participants were Members of Parliament from all of Turkey’s main political parties, some of Turkey’s most renowned journalists and media personalities, representatives from civil society including leaders of women’s groups, a number of senior academics from universities across Turkey, and key individuals from the arts, literature and music worlds. Panel speakers at the roundtable included international and Turkey based experts on women’s role in conflict resolution. This activity is part of DPI’s Turkey programme, which has included a series of roundtable meetings both in Turkey and internationally.

The Roundtable meeting, entitled ‘Women’s Role in Conflict Resolution’, examined issues of gender and peacebuilding, incorporating women into democracy building, and the importance of women’s representation across all spheres.

Previous DPI activities in this series have taken place over the last year, with participants visiting London, Belfast, Dublin and Edinburgh, and taking part in roundtable discussions on diverse subjects including conflict resolution, constitutional arrangements, devolution in the Scottish and Northern Irish contexts, and language and identity issues across the United Kingdom. The response of these activities has been highly positive, with extensive media coverage and a continuation of discussion occurring as a result.

Other DPI activities planned for this year will take place in South Africa. Future studies are intended to take place in other relevant parts of the world.

Records of all of DPI’s Comparative Studies visits have been published and are available via DPI’s website: A record including all of the discussions in this Roundtable meeting will be available from DPI. For a hard copy of these publications or for any further information please contact Eleanor Johnson at