Full Official Name: Republic of Mozambique

Region: Southeastern Africa

Capital: Maputo

Ethnic Groups: Southeast African 99.66% (Makhuwa, Tsonga, Lomwe, Sena, and others), Europeans 0.06%, Euro-Africans 0.2%, Indians 0.08%

Languages: Emakhuwa 25.3%, Portuguese (official) 10.7%, Xichangana 10.3%, Cisena 7.5%, Elomwe 7%, Echuwabo 5.1%, other Mozambican languages 30.1%, other 4%

Religions: Roman Catholic 28.4%, Muslim 17.9%, Zionist Christian 15.5%, Protestant 12.2%, other 6.7%, none 18.7%, unspecified 0.7%

Government: Unitary Presidential Republic

Legislature: Assembly of the Republic


A. RENAMO Insurgency

Type of Conflict: Revolutionary Movement

Conventionally Dated Period: April 2013 – September 2014, 2015  – Present

Parties Involved:

  • Republic of Mozambique
  • RENAMO (Mozambican National Resistance)


RENAMO is a liberation movement turned political party after the end of the Mozambican Civil War.  Not happy with the state of economic and political governance, RENAMO launched its first attack on a police station in April 2013.  Further attacks on the government were planned and executed until the Mozambican government managed to sign a ceasefire in August 2014.  Recently, the RENAMO factions accused the 2015 elections to be adulterated and launched an ambush on Mozambican troops shortly after.  This is the start of the RENAMO resurgence.

Peace Process: 2014 Peace deal broke down.  Currently no agreements have been made.