Assessment report by Prof. Dr. Sevtap Yokuş: Political Processes in Turkey and their Constitutional Reflections

This assessment paper prepared for DPI by Turkish constitutional lawyer and DPI Council of Experts member, Prof. Dr. Sevtap Yokuş, analyses efforts to democratize Turkey’s Constitution since 1982 in relation to broader democratization and resolution processes in the country. It demonstrates a link between progress in transforming the Constitution and periods of democratic reform, in contrast to regression to more authoritarian models in the periods following coup attempts in 1980 and 2016. The author concludes that progress in democracy, the rule of law, justice and freedoms in Turkey rests on an end to conflict and the pursuit of social peace. This paper contributes to DPI’s ongoing analysis of the situation on the ground in Turkey taking into account  different  views  and  perspectives.  It is one of a number of assessments undertaken by a diverse range of experts both in the region and internationally at a time of significant political change. The views and opinions expressed in this assessment are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of DPI.

Download here [English and Turkish]