Article by DPI Director Kerim Yildiz: “Turkey’s Kurdish Conflict: Pathways to Progress”

Published in Insight Turkey, this article by the director of the Democratic Progress Institute, Kerim Yildiz, examines the potential for progress to be made in negotiations for the resolution of the Kurdish conflict in Turkey. The article reflects on the steps that might be taken as part of a roadmap to achieve a political settlement, highlighting a number of potential avenues to advance this process. Drawing upon the work of DPI, five strategies for a sustainable solution to the Kurdish question are identified. Weighing up the reality of the situation in Turkey, the main proposition for a workable solution that is proposed is one of devolution and decentralisation, with the Turkish state the actor with the power to drive forward positive change in this direction. Striking an optimistic tone, the conclusions drawn are that if the political will is present, as with other seemingly intractable conflicts, a resolution can be found that satisfies all parties concerned.

The full text of the article can be downloaded here [pdf].

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