Avila Kilmurray

Avila Kilmurray is a founding member of the Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition. She was part of the Coalition’s negotiating team for the Good Friday Agreement and has written extensively on community action, the women’s movement and conflict transformation. She serves as an adviser on the Ireland Committee of the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust as well as a board member of Conciliation Resources (UK) and the Institute for British Irish Studies. She was the first Women’s Officer for the Transport & General Workers Union for Ireland (1990-1994) and from 1994-2014 she was Director of the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland, managing EU PEACE funding for the re-integration of political ex-prisoners in Northern Ireland as well as support for community-based peace building. She is a recipient of the Raymond Georis Prize for Innovative Philanthropy through the European Foundation Centre. Kilmurrary is working as a consultant with The Social Change Initiative to support work with the Migrant Learning Exchange Programme and learning on peace building.