A Study into the Ways to Better Incorporate Women into Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution Through the Implementation of UNSCR 1325

Thumbnails_DPI_2014_15Women are crucial stakeholders in peacebuilding and democratic reform and yet they are too often sidelined because of entrenched gender biases that continues to uphold gendered socio-cultural inequalities. This is despite the united nations security council resolution 1325 which was passed unanimously in the year 2000. As a result, this working paper examines the role resolution 1325 has had in peacebuilding as well as women’s past exclusion from peacebuilding processes in various countries. It further posits some methods available to states to ensure women’s effective and adequate participation within negotiations and constitution drafting, as it is important to work towards  women’s increased topical representation within constitutions, parliamentary politics, and within all levels of state.

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